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Pheasants at Warter Priory

Posted: 7th Jan, 2015  In: Game Shooting

Talented shooting film producer Jonathan McGee has created a number of stunning videos, showcasing all that is great about British game shooting.

He recently joined top game shot and Gamebore advocate David Carrie as he tackled the amazingly high pheasants presented at the renowned Warter Priory Estate in North Yorkshire. 

In the film David talks about the traditional as well as the technical aspect of shooting. He also highlights the hard work of Gamekeeper Frank Croft and his team, focusing on their efforts in wildlife conservation as well as their dedication to presenting the high level of quality shooting that Warter Priory is known for. 

You can find this and many more brilliant films by Jonathan McGee here

Jonathans series of fieldsports videos are well worth a watch if like us you're passionate about shooting.  

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