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Gamebore Success in 2016

Posted: 1st Apr, 2016  In: Shooters

Here's an ongoing list of achievements of Gamebore ambassadors, sponsored shooters and representatives, to be updated throuhout the year. 

The Pan-African FITASC Championships 

Champion: Andras Szerdahelyi 
2nd Place: George Digweed MBE
3rd Place: Tony Manvell & Mark Marshall 

Veteran Champion: Tony Manvell 

The Pan-African Compak Championships 

Champion: George Digweed MBE 
2nd Place: Andras Szerdahelyi
3rd Place: Joe Emmott 

The Annual Clay Pigeon Shooting Association Awards

Clay Shooter of the Year: Mark Winser
Young Shooter of the Year: Brody Woollard
Volunteer of the Year: Lydia Abdelaoui

The 2016 Essex Gun Masters

Champion: George Digweed MBE

The 2016 British Grand Prix FITASC Championships 

Champion: Andras Szerdahelyi 

The 2016 British Open Sporting Championship

Champion: Mark Winser
Junior Champion: Aaron Harvey 

The 2016 British Open Sportrap Championship

Champion: George Digweed MBE 

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