NEW Dark Storm™ Precision Steel with Bio-Wad™

New for the 2020 game season, Gamebore's new Quad Seal™ technology is now available in a Precision Steel version with Bio-Wad™

We are very proud to reveal our new 12g Dark Storm™ Precision Steel with Bio-Wad™ game loads for the 2020 season.

Building on the Quad Seal™ design, the Bio Wad™ is a new full cup wad utilising the same cutting-edge material which is 100% environmentally safe.

It incorporates all the benefits of the Quad Seal™ with the addition of a new and unique cup section. The Bio Wad™has petals with newly designed unique 45 degree overlapping edges, giving complete barrel protection. Manufactured in-house by Gamebore, the new Bio Wad™ is specifically designed for steel shot.

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Available from August. Pre-order now from all leading retailers.


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