Mark Winser

World, European & British Championship title holder Mark Winser is a competitive Sporting & FITASC shot and shooting coach. Winser shoots Dark Storm and Onyx.

2021 World English Sporting Champion and Gamebore Pro Shot

Current British Open Sportrap Champion, 2021 World English Sporting Champion & multiple times Essex Gun Masters Champion, Mark Winser, is a competitive shot and full-time shooting coach. He has over 15 years experience competing at the highest international level in both Sporting and FITASC disciplines. Winser’s other accolades include the 2019 European FITASC Championship, multiple time Clay Shooting Classic Champion and Essex Masters winner. He is a consistent contender for the top spots at both home and international tournaments, appearing regularly on the podium at the big Sporting championships. In 2015 Winser shot 25 straight off the 120ft-high tower at Royal Berkshire winning himself a Range Rover. 

Gamebore dark storm and Mark Winser’s triumph

It was this 2015 triumph at the RBSS Ultimate One that earned Winser one of the biggest prizes in clay shooting history, cementing his position as one of the world’s most successful and well known sporting shots. Gamebore is proud to have produced the cartridges that he used to achieve this incredible feat.

Winser’s formidable talent, his likability and extensive knowledge of the sport has also seen him emerge as one of the UK’s most sought after shooting coaches, working nationally and internationally with beginners and pros alike. His humble beginnings and sportsmanlike attitude makes him a real asset to the UK shooting scene and a role model for future shooting athletes.

Transferring his skills to the game field, Mark is as at home on the peg as he is at the clay shooting range, choosing our Dark Storm with Quad Seal game range to deliver ultimate performance in the field. 

Mark Winser shoots:

12G Dark Storm

Black Gold Dark Storm® is Gamebore's flagship competition cartridge, bringing together the best components available with the best that our research and development team has to offer. Featuring Gamebore's exclusive Diamond Shot®, and Quad Seal and with a high velocity of 1500fps, this cartridge is the world leader for competition shooting.

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The Gamebore brand is revered as the best in the world by many, not just for the exceptional quality in the product itself but for the professionalism of the staff, right up to the sheer class of its look, matching outstanding performance with every shot.

A word from Mark Winser

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