12G Regal Game

12G Regal Game Shotgun Cartridge

High performance 12 bore 2.5” load for game shooting

Gamebore’s 12G Regal cartridge is a true 2.5” (65mm) game cartridge incorporating cutting edge technology and delivering the excellent performance of its 2 3/4" cousins to give the game shooter the edge in the field. 12G Regal Game is for use in guns with 2.5" chambers.

Loaded in a new high quality red case with a nickel head for smooth, clean ejection and Diamond Shot in true English sizes for perfect patterns, the 12 bore Regal Game takes the traditional game cartridge to the next level.

Diamond Shot - The world’s finest quality lead shot

12G Regal Game is loaded with Gamebore’s exclusive Diamond Shot. Made from pure British ingots and designed, developed and manufactured in-house at the UK’s only working lead shot tower, our Diamond Shot is 5x graded for consistency in size and spherical perfection. The world’s finest quality lead shot delivers outstanding patterns and ultimate performance. 

F2 Powders

Synonymous with outstanding performance, the range of F2 powders provide smooth recoil in lightweight guns while delivering unrivalled downrange speed and performance for complete confidence to the game shooter whatever the quarry. Regal Game cartridges have a velocity of up to 1425 Feet Per Second (FPS). 


All cartridges should be stored at room temperature in a dry location. Adverse temperatures may affect performance. Do not expose to extreme temperatures.

Diamond Shot Sizes

5 2.8mm
6 2.6mm


Up to 1425 Feet Per Second (FPS)


Diamond Shot

Our precision shot produced here at Gamebore. Graded 5 times.



Diamond Shot

Diamond Shot

Our precision lead shot is exclusive to Gamebore and produced in-house at the only working shot tower in the UK. Lead shot taken to the next level with this unique process-5x graded, then polished in a revolutionary method to produce shot of a consistency far beyond anything else available. Perfect in its sphericity and accurate, even size to deliver the ultimate in patterns. Simply put, Diamond Shot® is the highest quality lead shot in the world.

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F2 Powder

F2 Powder

This range of powders has become synonymous with outstanding performance, delivering blistering speeds at range without excessive perceived recoil. The performance of these loads simply cannot be duplicated with other powders.

CX2000 Primer

CX2000 Primer

The most highly consistent and reliable primer available. We use CX2000 Primer throughout our range of shotgun cartridges to give the shooter the utmost reliability and confidence.

Paper Case

Paper Case

With long established credentials for smooth shooting this is the quintessential game load for English side by side game guns, incorporating modern powder and shot technology for high performance in today's game. A true 2 1/2" case (65mm)

Nickel Head

Nickel Head

Nickel plated heads to give smooth, consistent and reliable ejection in higher performance loads.

2 1/2

2 1/2" Case

A true 2 1/2" (65mm) case for use in guns with 2 1/2" chambers where case length is critical for optimum performance. Unlike some manufacturers we never use 67mm as a substitute.

Fibre Wad

Fibre Wad

The highest quality, single piece, non fragmenting 100% fibre wads with no plastic components. Delivering excellent gas seals and patterns for a reliable environmentally friendly shoot.

High Velocity

High Velocity

Cartridges with high velocity are ideal for performance use and demanding disciplines where targets are at range.

Moderate Recoil

Moderate Recoil

The recoil is moderate and may be reduced further if a heavier gun or other recoil reducing measures are adopted.

Technical performance
Velocity x Distance

The following graph shows the relationship between Velocity (MPS) and Distance (M) for the shot selected from the table below.

Load gms Shot Size WAD Length mm Muzzle Velocity FPS Velocity MPS V1
28 5, 6 Fibre 16/65 1425 410
28 Paper Case 6 Fibre 16/65 1425 410
30 5, 6 Fibre 16/65 1425 410
30 Paper Case 5, 6 Fibre 16/65 1425 410
32 5, 6 Fibre 16/65 1425 410
32 Paper Case 5 Fibre 16/65 1425 410

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