Simon Ward

Renowned high bird specialist and game gun Simon Ward is ambassador for Dark Storm with Quad Seal.

Renowned Game Gun and Gamebore Pro Shot

“Simply the best shot I have ever seen” is just one of the many credits and accolades that roll in for Simon Ward, Gamebore Pro Shot and Ambassador for Dark Storm with Quad Seal and renowned high bird specialist. 

There’s no escaping the pedigree that former British Open and English Open Clay Side by Side Champion and British Side by Side Champion Simon Ward brings to the field through his 24 years of shooting experience and absolute sporting prowess. 

Ward is world renowned for being one of the finest game shots and a high bird specialist, an accolade which is validated by a pure, genteel sportsman mentality. Ward is a man who is famous for “only raising his gun to birds he knows he's going to kill” and manifests a sheer, palpable delight in the sport. 

Ward’s record breaking, world class perspective makes Dark Storm deliver the ultimate performance, as described by the press, to 'devastating effect'. Ward's tenacious personality and undeniable skill creates a perfectly synchronised partnership with Gamebore Dark Storm.

Ambassador for Gamebore Black Gold® Dark Storm with Quad Seal

Incredibly, Simon Ward is self-taught, honing his skills shooting woodpigeon in his teens. Originally planning a career in cricket, he moved into coaching shooters at the age of 18 while working for Jeff Lupton at Yorkshire Gun Room.

Now based in Hampshire, Ward shoots with a pair of Perazzis and spends much of his time coaching in the field, using a blend of shooting styles. He underlines the importance of judging range and of refraining from shooting quarry that is out of shot. He is known for being as modest as he is knowledgeable and attributes much of his success to the support of Jeff Lupton in his early career.

Simon Ward shoots:

12G Dark Storm Game

Simon Ward knows that success in the field depends on a range of factors: experience, skill, mindset - and the best equipment available. He chooses Gamebore’s Black Gold Dark Storm with Quad Seal to give him the best chance of success possible for those high birds he’s known for.

The 12G Black Gold Dark Storm Game with Quad Seal delivers unrivalled knock-down power along with improved ballistic consistency, a noticeable reduction in perceived recoil and increased striking energy - all of which gives Ward the ultimate performance and a comfortable, enjoyable shoot. 

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"Gamebore's Pro Shot Team continually strives for perfection, which will always be limitless... when using Gamebore Ammunition. I choose to both use and recommend Gamebore's Dark Storm Quad Seal ammunition as I believe, without doubt, they are the best in the World."

A word from Simon Ward

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