12G Regal Steel Game

12G Regal Steel Game Shotgun Cartridge

A true 2.5" game load with precision steel shot and Bio-Wad

Introducing the all new, crimp closed 2 ½” steel game cartridge from Gamebore, designed to give the ultimate consistency and performance in a traditional standard steel load cartridge. 

The new Gen II Bio-Wad incorporates overlapping petals and a new ribbed design to keep the body of the wad away from the barrel walls for reduced friction with less recoil and complete barrel protection. The water soluble, fully biodegradable and environmentally certified wad is now in brown to lessen visual impact as it breaks down in the field. 

Precision steel shot for a non toxic alternative to lead

Gamebore’s soft steel is shot to CIP regulations from one of the world's leading manufacturers for consistency in its sphericity and size to deliver outstanding patterns.

Suitable for all guns with 1954 and onwards proof marks, for use with half choke or less. Standard Steel ammunition can be used in any shotgun (other than Damascus/twist barrelled guns), in good order bearing London or Birmingham proof symbols from 1954 onwards. For pre-1954 shotguns guidance will be needed from the British Proof Authority. The shotgun must be chambered for the case length of the ammunition as a minimum. Longer chamber lengths can be used with shorter ammunition.

All cartridges should be stored at room temperature in a dry location. Adverse temperatures may affect performance. Do not expose to extreme temperatures.


Specialist Cleaning Instructions: Using a bronze wire brush, remove the excess wad residue whilst dry. Next, spray a mild, water-based household cleaning product such as glass cleaner down the barrels and leave for a few minutes to allow the breakdown of any stubborn residue. Use the bronze wire brush again to remove any remaining streaks, followed by a rag or dry tissue to wipe away the remaining cleaning product. Dry the barrels thoroughly before applying a gun oil.

As with any type of cartridge; barrels and chokes should be cleaned after each use to avoid buildup of residue.


Steel Shot Sizes

4 3.25mm
5 3mm

Quad Seal™

Exclusive 4 Ring Gas Seal


Wad Petals

Cut at 45° to ensure full barrel protection on pellet setback






Quad Seal

Quad Seal

The exclusive Quad Seal®. Delivering a level of ballistic consistency not previously achievable thanks to its revolutionary four-ring design. The Quad Seal reduces recoil, increases striking energy and is 100% environmentally friendly being fully degradable.

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The Bio-Wad® is a full cup wad utilising cutting-edge water soluble material which is 100% environmentally safe. Incorporating all the benefits of the Quad Seal with the addition of a new and unique cup section. The Bio Wad has ribbed petals with unique 45 degree overlapping edges, giving complete barrel protection.

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Precision Steel

Precision Steel

Soft steel shot to CIP regulations from one of the world's leading manufacturers for exacting standards. Reliably consistent in its sphericity and size for outstanding patterns.

Alliant Powder

Alliant Powder

Exclusive to Gamebore in Europe. High technology, cutting edge double base (nitroglycerin) powders allow us to develop and manufacture high performance loads without excessive perceived recoil. Alliant powders feature in our small gauge loads, high performance heavy weights, premium steel and non toxic cartridges. These loads simply cannot be replicated by using single based propellant.

CX2000 Primer

CX2000 Primer

The most highly consistent and reliable primer available. We use CX2000 Primer throughout our range of shotgun cartridges to give the shooter the utmost reliability and confidence.

Nickel Head

Nickel Head

Nickel plated heads to give smooth, consistent and reliable ejection in higher performance loads.

2 1/2

2 1/2" Case

A true 2 1/2" (65mm) case for use in guns with 2 1/2" chambers where case length is critical for optimum performance. Unlike some manufacturers we never use 67mm as a substitute.

Moderate Recoil

Moderate Recoil

The recoil is moderate and may be reduced further if a heavier gun or other recoil reducing measures are adopted.

30 Day Infield Degradation

30 Day Infield Degradation

Bio-Wad is injection moulded at Gamebore using a 100% environmentally friendly and hydro soluble material which is approved and accepted by estate managers and landowners, thanks to its quick degradation time and reduced visual impact in the field. The Bio-Wad degrades over 10x faster than any traditional fibre wad on the market. The material is water soluble and fully biodegradable, conforming to the CEN 13432 European standard for compostability.

Technical performance
Velocity x Distance

The following graph shows the relationship between Velocity (MPS) and Distance (M) for the shot selected from the table below.

Load gms Shot Size WAD Length mm Muzzle Velocity FPS Velocity MPS V1
30 4, 5 Bio Wad 16/65 1400 400

Designed & Developed by Gamebore for Gamebore

How the Bio Wad Works

Designed and developed by our R&D division, the environmentally friendly Bio Wad is specifically designed to give complete barrel protection and maximum performance when using steel shot.

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