The Bio-Wad® is a full cup wad utilising cutting-edge water soluble material which is 100% environmentally safe. Incorporating all the benefits of the Quad Seal with the addition of a new and unique cup section. The Bio Wad has ribbed petals with unique 45 degree overlapping edges, giving complete barrel protection.

Ultimate performance in a greener shOT

Building on our Quad Seal design, the Bio-Wad Gen II is our new full cup wad with a uniquely designed section for steel shot. Designed, developed and manufactured in-house at Gamebore, we use a cutting-edge material in our Bio-Wad which is fully water soluble. The Bio-Wad will biodegrade over the course of a season for 100% environmental safety and a greener shoot. Bio-Wad is now in brown to minimise visual impact in the field throughout the biodegradation period.

30 Day In-Field Degradation. Bio-Wad degrades 10x faster than any fibre wad on the market.

Designed and developed by Gamebore’s Innovators

Bio-Wad incorporates all the benefits of the Quad Seal - increased striking energy, improved ballistic consistency and reduced recoil - with the addition of a new and unique cup section to protect shotgun barrels when using steel shot. 

Uniquely ribbed petals for complete barrel protection

The Gamebore Bio Wad features a high tech design of four ribbed petals with unique 45 degree overlapping edges, giving complete barrel protection on pellet setback. The ribbing reduces surface friction within the shotgun barrel and increases overall barrel protection - vital when using steel shot.  

The incredible strength of the Bio-Wad material means we are able to load not only standard steel loads but also high-performance steel cartridges for guns with the appropriate Fleur de Lys proof marks.

Bio-Wad's Green Credentials

Gamebore's Bio-Wad material is water soluble and fully biodegradable, conforming to the CEN 13432 European standard for compostability. This standard covers:

Ecotoxicity (does not impede plant growth)
Heavy metal content (does not contain heavy metals above the permitted level)
Biodegradability ISO 14851 (conducted in an aqueous environment)
Disintegration - Compost (breaks down passing through a 2mm sieve after 12 weeks composting)

Bio-Wad is featured in:

  • 12G Black Gold Dark Storm Precision Steel
  • 12G Regal Steel Game
  • 12G Black Gold Game UER (Lead Shot)
  • 20G Black Gold Steel Game

Specialist Cleaning Instructions: 

Spray a mild, water-based household cleaning product such as glass cleaner down the barrels, leave for a few minutes to allow the breakdown of any stubborn dirt or residue. Next use a wire brush to remove the fouling, followed by a cleaning mop or cloth to wipe away the excess. Dry the barrels thoroughly before applying a gun oil. 

As with any type of cartridge; barrels and chokes should be cleaned after each use to avoid buildup of residue.

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