Gamebore clay shotgun cartridge range

Gamebore uses only the highest quality components in our clay shotgun cartridges, from our exclusive in-house developed 5 x graded Diamond Shot(r) to CX2000 primer - the industry's finest. Developed for every clay target shooter from beginners to world champions, we make consistent results, reliable performance and the highest quality our aim, every time. Gamebore's dedicated senior research and development team have a combined 75 years of experience in shooting technology. We invest in the equipment, research and testing down to the smallest detail to give you supreme confidence in your shot. Our clay cartridge range has everything you need to excel in club or competition shooting.

All 12G Competition loads Small Gauge Lead Clay Loads Subsonic Clay Loads Steel Clay Loads

Pro Cartridges

Gamebore's pro range of shotgun cartridges for clay target competition shooting. Our most innovative and cutting edge technology to deliver the ultimate performance and world class results.

Club Cartridges

Gamebore's range of shotgun cartridges for training and club shooting. Our high performance clay target cartridges deliver excellent results and outstanding patterns.

Steel Clay Cartridges

Competition standard clay cartridges for use at venues where lead shot is not permitted.

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