12G Black Gold Game

12G Black Gold Game

Shotgun Cartridge

High performance 12 bore shotgun ammunition for game with Gamebore's Diamond Shot

Voted 2019 and 2020 “Ammunition of the Year” by the shooting public in the Great British Shooting Awards, Black Gold Game is a high performance cartridge second only to our Dark Storm range. Black Gold brings together decades of Gamebore research and innovation with the highest quality components.

Black Gold Game was developed, field tested and used exclusively by renowned high bird specialist Simon Ward.

High performance with up to 15% recoil reduction

This classic recoil reduction system was engineered by the Italian manufacturers Baschieri and Pellagri in the 1990's for reduced perceived recoil by up to 15%.

The Gordon System allows you to enjoy longer shooting sessions without suffering from fatigue or discomfort.

Loaded with the world’s finest quality lead shot

Gamebore’s exclusive Diamond Shot is designed and manufactured in-house for total quality control. 

Using pure British lead ingots and forged in the only working lead shot tower in the UK, our exclusive Diamond Shot is 5 x graded for perfect size and impeccable quality and purity. 

Nickel brass head for easier ejection

12G Black Gold Game cartridges feature a nickel plated head for smooth, consistent and reliable ejection in higher performance loads.

100% plastic free fibre wads

Gamebore uses the highest quality, single piece, non fragmenting 100% fibre wads to deliver excellent gas seals for maximum pressure and outstanding patterns and a more sustainable shoot.


All cartridges should be stored at room temperature in a dry location. Adverse temperatures may affect performance. Do not expose to extreme temperatures.

Diamond Shot Sizes

4 3.2mm
5 3mm
6 2.8mm


The Gordon Recoil System reduced perceived recoil by up to 15%


Diamond Shot

Our precision shot produced here at Gamebore. Graded 5 times.



Ultra high performance with a velocity of 1500 feet per second



Gordon Recoil System

Gordon Recoil System

The Gordon System base wad incorporated within the case head can reduce recoil by up to 15% allowing higher performance, long range loads to be developed without adversely affecting the shooter.

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Diamond Shot

Diamond Shot

Our precision lead shot is exclusive to Gamebore and produced in-house at the only working shot tower in the UK. Lead shot taken to the next level with this unique process-5x graded, then polished in a revolutionary method to produce shot of a consistency far beyond anything else available. Perfect in its sphericity and accurate, even size to deliver the ultimate in patterns. Simply put, Diamond Shot® is the highest quality lead shot in the world.

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F2 Powder

F2 Powder

This range of powders has become synonymous with outstanding performance, delivering blistering speeds at range without excessive perceived recoil. The performance of these loads simply cannot be duplicated with other powders.

CX2000 Primer

CX2000 Primer

The most highly consistent and reliable primer available. We use CX2000 Primer throughout our range of shotgun cartridges to give the shooter the utmost reliability and confidence.

Nickel Head

Nickel Head

Nickel plated heads to give smooth, consistent and reliable ejection in higher performance loads.

Fibre Wad

Fibre Wad

The highest quality, single piece, non fragmenting 100% fibre wads with no plastic components. Delivering excellent gas seals and patterns for a reliable environmentally friendly shoot.

Wool Wad

Wool Wad

Unique wad system using 100% British lambs’ wool. Delivers significantly reduced recoil, improved patterns and a perfect gas seal even in back-bored guns. Gamebore wool wads are essential in heavy loads for high birds where a natural wad is required.

Extended Range

Extended Range

Muzzle velocity is only part of the story - downrange energy is key to a cartridge's long range effectiveness. These cartridges are designed to deliver unsurpassed performance downrange where it matters most, giving knockdown performance others simply cannot match.

Ultimate Performance

Ultimate Performance

Developed to ensure each component combines to give their maximum potential and deliver results which are greater than the sum of their parts - simply the cutting edge of performance cartridges.

Technical performance
Velocity x Distance

The following graph shows the relationship between Velocity (MPS) and Distance (M) for the shot selected from the table below.

Load gms Shot Size WAD Length mm Muzzle Velocity FPS Velocity MPS V1
28 6 Fibre 20/70 1500 435
30 5, 6 Fibre 20/70 1475 430
32 4, 5, 6 Fibre 20/70 1450 422
35 5 Fibre 20/70 1450 422
36 4 Fibre 20/70 1450 422
38 4, 5 Wool 20/70 1475 430
40 4 Wool 20/70 1475 430

This reduces the perceived recoil by up to 15%, making for a more comfortable shoot and longer in the field without compromise on performance.

The Gordon Recoil System comprises a base wad incorporated within the case head which acts as an ultra shock absorber.

The Gordon Recoil System

High performance with recoil reduction

Gamebore is proud to be the only British shotgun cartridge manufacturer to use the revolutionary Gordon Recoil System. Developed by the renowned Italian manufacturers, Baschieri and Pellagri, to enable longer shooting sessions without the ill effects of fatigue or discomfort, the Gordon System is known for its innovative recoil reduction.

The legendary and revolutionary designed base wad incorporated within the case head reduces recoil by up to 15% allowing higher performance, long range loads to be developed without adversely affecting the shooter.


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