Gordon Recoil System

The Gordon System base wad incorporated within the case head can reduce recoil by up to 15% allowing higher performance, long range loads to be developed without adversely affecting the shooter.

Performance engineered by Baschieri and Pellagri

Gamebore has for many years been the only British shotgun cartridge manufacturer to use the Gordon Recoil System. Developed by Italian manufacturers Baschieri and Pellagri in the 1990's to enable longer shooting sessions without the ill effects of fatigue or discomfort, the classic Gordon System, innovative in its time, is known for its recoil reduction. Second only to Gamebore's new, high tech Quad Seal, the Gordon System has remained popular among clay pigeon shooters.

What is recoil and how does the Gordon System help?

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Recoil occurs when the pressure propelling the shot forwards out of the barrel creates an equal force in the breech of the gun and against the shooter’s shoulder. This is known as the classic kick to the shoulder. Continued heavy recoil on a day’s shooting can cause fatigue and even pain for the shooter.

The weight and speed of the shot within the cartridge affect recoil, as does the weight of the shotgun. A heavier shotgun is able to absorb more of the force, resulting in less perceived recoil for the shooter. Likewise, a larger and heavier shooter will feel less recoil than a slighter or junior shooter.

Less felt recoil and better patterns

The Gordon Recoil System comprises a thick plastic base wad incorporated within the case head which acts as an ultra shock absorber. This can potentially reduce the perceived recoil in some cases by up to 15%, making for a more comfortable shoot and longer in the field.  

Gordon Recoil System features in:

  • 12G Black Gold Game
  • 12G Black Gold Clay

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