Individual Statement

A individual statement by the Gamebore regarding BASC and other organisation's joint announcement on the voluntary phasing out of lead shot.


Further to the joint statement of 28th February, we reiterate in the strongest possible terms that Gamebore had ZERO consultation with any of the 9 shooting organisations, nor were we invited to attend any meetings to discuss a voluntary phasing out of plastic wads and lead shot. Gamebore were at no time made aware that meetings were taking place to discuss the subject and at no time were we asked for any input. 

Gamebore were made privy to the announcement only on Wednesday19th February, three working days before the publication in The Times on 24th February, in the form of a single email and telephone call from the Gun Trade Association. By this point the decision had already been made, with the announcement already written and signed. This does not constitute consultation.

We trust that this now answers the large volume of questions being asked regarding Gamebore’s involvement.

Gamebore is currently the largest supplier of non-lead shotgun ammunition in Europe, amassing a wealth of information and experience over many years of research, development and manufacturing. We absolutely would have welcomed the opportunity to give guidance on manufacturing capabilities had we been approached.

Moving forward, we remain dedicated to the task at hand and assure shooters and fellow industry members that our efforts to develop alternative products will continue.



Friday 6th March 2020

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