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12G Black Gold.

Ultimate Performance Competition


Named 'Best Clay Cartridge' at the 2016 Shooting Industry Awards, Black Gold F2 is Gamebore's flagship competition cartridge bringing together the best of the best. With high performance features, such as Gamebore's exclusive Diamond Shot, the B&P Gordon recoil reduction system case and exclusive F2 propellant, this cartridge is not only a world leader but a world championship winning cartridge too. 

Technical Components

Shot Sizes

Technical data

Cartridge Load gms Shot Size WAD Length mm Muzzle Velocity FPS Velocity MPS V1
12G Black Gold 28 7.5, 8 Fibre 20/70 1500 437
12G Black Gold 28 6.5, 7.5, 8, 9 Plastic 20/70 1500 437

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