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12G Clear Pigeon.

High Performance Pigeon Load


The NEW Clear Pigeon has been developed in conjunction with renowned pigeon shooter Andy Crow. Building on the classic Clear Pigeon, with fine tuning to deliver that same performance but at longer range than before.  Designed with the pigeon shooter in mind to provide high quality yet at a competitive price without sacrificing on performance, patterns or knockdown. Plus, by popular demand; After listening to feedback from those that use Clear Pigeon, we have reverted back to the original transparent case.

Available in both a plastic or fibre wad options and 30gr and 32gr loads and tested for use in semi-auto guns. 

Technical Components

Shot Sizes

Technical data

Cartridge Load gms Shot Size WAD Length mm Muzzle Velocity FPS Velocity MPS V1
12G Clear Pigeon 30 6 Plastic or Fibre 8/70 1400 406
12G Clear Pigeon 32 6 Plastic or Fibre 8/70 1400 406

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