Manufacturers of English shotgun cartridges for game & clay since 1973.

Loading our award winning Game and competition winning cartridges relies on getting all aspects of the cartridge right, from the primer, case, powder, wad to the shot. Once you have the best that's available you then need to be able to put them together to get the maximum benefit from each element and have each part working in harmony with the others. You then need to be able to do this with an unmatched degree of accuracy and consistency so the final product is of the very highest quality.

Here at Gamebore we load the ultimate in shotgun cartridges and here's how;

ISO 9001

Gamebore are the only UK cartridge manufacturer operating to these exacting standards.

The level of attention to detail to achieve and maintain this accreditation means you can have complete and total confidence in every aspect of the quality and consistency of our cartridges and our business as a whole.

Gordon Recoil System

Exclusive to Gamebore in the UK this unique recoil reducing system manufactured by the renowned  Italian manufacturers Baschieri and Pellagri.

This system is an integral part of the base wad of the cartridge which allows the production of higher performance loads whilst reducing felt recoil by up to 15% so giving smooth shooting characteristics and a quick recovery time for the second shot whilst allowing cartridges to be produced with increased velocity and performance.

Gamebore use only the highest quality cases throughout our range and insist on using CX2000 primers in all our products as these are known throughout the industry to be the most consistent and reliable primers available.


Loading And Testing


Utilising some of the very latest and most technologically advanced loading machines in operation, Gamebore are at the forefront of high quality cartridge manufacturing, loading and engineering. When testing cartridges during manufacture, it is essential that the maximum pressure is constantly checked to ensure that cartridges are safe and comply with CIP regulations. However, at Gamebore we go a huge step further and use exclusive, state of the art, high tech testing equipment which measures parameters far beyond just the maximum pressure. These include primer burn time, crimp opening speeds and much more which enables us to tailor cartridge performances in fine detail as well as enabling us to duplicate the exact performance in any specific cartridge time after time. This unique system allows us to produce cartridges which have identical pressure curves to previous batches to give shooters a cartridge which has a consistency of performance that cannot be achieved without this technology. This gives the discerning shooter the most exacting consistency in our cartridges which others simply cannot match.



Gamebore use a range of the highest quality powders available, including Vectan and Alliant double base propellants (Alliant powder is exclusive to Gamebore in the UK) We are at the forefront of developing cartridges with the aim of improving downrange speed and effectiveness without excessive pressures and recoil.

The old idea that harsh recoil equals high speed in an urban myth. Heavy recoil causes fatigue and discomfort to the shooter, delays recovery time for the second shot and can result in pellet damage and poor patterns, all factors best eliminated from a quality cartridge.

F2 & M92s Powders- These world leading powders are exclusive to Gamebore in the UK and deliver blistering downrange velocity coupled with smooth acceleration to deliver unrivalled performance.

The progressive acceleration from these powders reduces felt recoil, minimises pellet damage on ignition of the cartridge and delivers downrange performance second to none. Whether loaded in one of our award winning game or competition cartridges you can be sure of the ultimate in performance, shot after shot.

Pattern Testing

Speed and consistency are crucial but these are irrelevant if the cartridge can't deliver consistent, even patterns downrange where it matters.

Within our factory we have a 45 metre ( 50 yard ) pattern testing tunnel which is not only crucial in the development of new products but is also used to check all our cartridges during manufacturing so we can ensure they deliver the best patterns possible time after time.

Field Testing

Not only are all Gamebore loads extensively scrutinised in our state of the art testing facility to ensure ballistic perfection, we also enlist the expertise of some of the world's most renowned shots to verify their performance in the field before general release.  These include professional shots- George Digweed MBE, Simon Ward, David Carrie and Mark Winser.


Wads - Plastic and Wool

With our 'quality first' ethos at the forefront of all we do, ensuring the highest quality wads comes as second nature to us. Operating state of the art plastic injection moulding machines , we manufacture wads for both both lead and steel shot at our factory to our own unique design which give perfect gas seals, outstanding recoil reduction and perform consistently to deliver outstanding patterns across our range.

Gamebore introduced wool wads in 2013 and they were an immediate success with game shooters. The unique material, sourced here in the UK, provides a wad with a cushioning effect which not only reduces recoil and delivers outstanding patterns but also a perfect gas seal due to its unique lateral expansion properties, which is especially important in back bored guns where a normal fibre wad may not.


Lead Alternatives
Tungsten Matrix & TMX

Tungsten Matrix was developed by Gamebore to give a material with the same density and malleability of lead shot. This unique material is carefully manufactured by ourselves to produce uniform shot and give tremendous patterns without any restrictions on choke. Downrange energy and effectiveness are unrivalled in this unique material.

TMX is our unique tungsten/iron alloy which also offers the equivalent density of lead and delivers dense patterns at a competitive cost without compromising on performance.


High tech equipment, modern production facilities and exacting quality standards are only part of what makes Gamebore cartridges special as this has to be backed up by a highly dedicated team with 'loads' of first hand experience and skill and the drive and commitment to innovate and develop the best shotgun cartridges available.