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Catapulted in to shooting stardom in recent years, Mark Winser enjoyed a successful career as a Junior competitor before taking up the sport full time as a competitive shot and shooting coach. Multiple times Clay Shooting Classic Champion and Essex Masters winner he is a consistent contender for the top spots at both home and international tournaments

One of the best

It was his 2015 triumph with Black Gold at the RBSS Ultimate One that earned him one of the biggest prizes in clay shooting history, cementing his position as one of the Worlds most successful and well known sporting shots. Marks formidable talent, likability and knowledge of the sport has also seen him emerge as one of the UK’s most sought after shooting coaches. His humble beginnings and sportsmanly attitude makes him a real asset to the UK shooting scene and role model for future shooting athletes.Transferring his skills to the game field, Mark is as at home on the peg as he is at the clay shooting range.

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