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HD Casing

High density polymer plastic case designed to perform in our premium, high performance range to give easy loading and smooth ejection from a case made specifically for these demanding loads.

Exceptional Quality

Our precision, lead shot is produced in the only working shot tower left in the UK. Exclusively made by Gamebore for Gamebore. This shot is not available in any other product for any other brand. It is lead shot taken to the next level with our unique finishing process. We achieve a consistent spherical shot helping to deliver the ultimate shot pattern. Simply put, Diamond Shot is the best quality lead shot in the world.

5x Diamond Shot is graded 5 times to ensure spherical perfection, producing extra precision, tighter patterns at long range and less deformation.

Gamebore Wad Systems

Whether our state of the art plastic injection moulded wads, traditional fibre wads, or our exclusive and unique Wool wad, we select the wads that deliver the perfect gas seals, outstanding recoil reduction and performance to consistently deliver outstanding patterns across our range.

Power to Accelerate

Gamebore use a range of the highest quality powders available, including F2, which is exclusive to Gamebore in the UK and has become synonymous with outstanding performance. We are at the forefront of developing cartridges with the aim of improving downrange speed and effectiveness without excessive pressures and recoil.

Produces Maximum Velocity up to 1500fps

Exclusive Technology

Gamebore's NEW Quad Seal gives improved ballistic consistency, noticeably reduced recoil and increased striking energy. Fully degradable and 100% environmentally friendly.

100% Degradable

Primed for Performance

CX2000 Primer is the most highly consistent and reliable primer available, this is used throughout our cartridges to give the shooter the utmost reliability and confidence.

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