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Manufacturers of English shotgun cartridges for Game & Clay since 1973.

Gordon Case

The legendary and revolutionary designed base wad incorporated within the case head reduces recoil by up to 15% allowing higher performance, long range loads to be developed without adversely affecting the shooter. 

HD Case

High density polymer plastic case designed to perform in our premium, high performance range to give easy loading and smooth ejection from a case made specifically for these demanding loads.

Paper Case

With long established credentials for smooth shooting, this is the quintessential game load for English side by side game guns but incorporates modern powder and shot technology to perform on todays game. A true 2 1/2" case (65mm)

2 1/2

A true 2 1/2" (65mm) case for use in guns with 2 1/2" chambers where case length is critical for optimum performance, unlike some manufacturers who use 67mm as a substitute.

CX2000 Primer

The most highly consistent and reliable primer available, this is used throughout our cartridges to give the shooter the utmost reliability and confidence.

F2 Powder

Exclusive to Gamebore in the UK, this range of powders has become synonymous with outstanding performance and delivers blistering speeds at range without excessive felt recoil. The performance of these loads simply cannot be duplicated with other powders. 

M92s Powder

Exclusive to Gamebore in the UK, this latest, cutting edge development in modern powder technology offers a longer, progressive burn to develop maximum velocity without excessive pressure or recoil and deliver simply outstanding performance at extreme ranges.

Vectan Powder

Clean burning, reliable, consistently smooth powders from Nobel Sport FR a leader in powder production. Vectan powder is the top of the range powder that Noble Sport FR produce from their range.

Alliant Powders

High technology, cutting edge powders that are double base (nitro glycerin) which allows us to develop and manufacture high performance loads without excessive recoil, this powder features in our small gauge loads, high perfomance heavy weights, premium steel and non toxic cartridges. These loads simply cannot be replicated by using single based propellant.  Exclusive to Gamebore in Europe.

Nickel Brass Head

Nickel plated to give smooth, consistent and reliable ejection in higher performance loads.

Gamebore Wad System

Plastic wads manufactured in house to unique designs and exacting standards to give consistent performance and deliver perfect patterns every time. Using the very lastest manufacturing equipment and best materials available.

Fibre Wad

The highest quality, single piece, none fragmenting 100% fibre wads with no plastic components to deliver excellent gas seals and patterns.

Wool Wad

Unique wad system using 100% British lambs wool which delivers significantly reduced recoil, improved patterns and a perfect gas seal even in back-bored guns, these wads are essential in heavy loads for high birds where a natural wad is required.

Bio-Wad FSC

Exclusive, innovative fibre wad technology designed specifically for steel shot which utilises a fibre driving wad and a protective collar to enclose the shot and deliver outstanding patterns where the standard plastic wad normally required for steel loads is undesirable.

Diamond Lead Shot

Our precision, lead shot is produced here at Gamebore in the only working shot tower in the UK and used exclusively by ourselves. It is lead shot taken to the next level with this unique process which sees it graded still further and then polished in a revolutionary process to produce shot of a consistency far beyond anything else available which is perfect in its sphericity and accurate, even size to deliver the ultimate in patterns. Simply put, Diamond Shot is the best quality lead shot in the world.

Gamebore Lead Shot

Made and used exclusively by Gamebore, this shot is precision manufactured in the last remaining shot tower in the UK to ensure accurate, even size and perfectly spherical shot which is crucial for delivering consistent patterns. 

Steel Shot

Soft steel shot to CIP regulations from one of the worlds leading manufacturers, consistent in its sphericity and size for outstanding patterns.

Tungsten Matrix Shot

Gamebore's unique lead alternative is manufactured in house and combines powdered tungsten with a polymer binder to produce a precision made shot which has the same density and malleability as lead resulting in as near lead performance as is possible and without any restrictions on choke.

Tungsten Iron Shot

TMX (Tungsten/Iron) is precision manufactured using a Tungsten and Iron alloy which has the benefit of increasing the shot density by 25% compared to steel. This raises downrange striking energy whilst delivering patterns up to 90% at 40 yds.

Bismuth Shot

Coming soon

Power House Division

Cartridges developed using exclusive components and extensive R&D, ultra high performance loads designed and developed to deliver the ultimate knockdown and velocity even at long range, these represent the pinnacle in performance cartridges for those high, handsome birds.


High Velocity

Cartridges with high velocity ideal for perfomance use and demanding disiplines where targets are at range.



Ultimate Performance

Developed to ensure each component combine to give their maximum potential and deliver results which are greater than the sum of their parts - simply the cutting edge of performance cartridges.

Low Noise

Developed where noise is a factor and needs taking into consideration or for use in a moderated gun, a subsonic cartridge produces a flatter, duller noise as the sound barrier is not exceeded.

Extended Range

Muzzle velocity is only part of the story, downrange energy is key to a cartridges long range effectiveness. These cartridges are designed to deliver unsurpassed performance down range where it matters most giving knockdown performance others simply cannot match.

Moderate Recoil

The recoil is moderate and may be reduced further if a heavier gun or other recoil reducing measures are adopted.

Low Recoil

An ideal cartridge when the shooter needs a cartridge with a soft recoil.

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